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Whether you need help with a deceased estate, a Will, powers of attorney, trust succession, business succession or Estate Planning, Hartwell Legal has the expertise and experience to meet your needs.

We will do our utmost to make the experience positive, and hassle-free.

Here are Hartwell Legal's specialised services:

Deceased Estates

The affairs of a person who has died are known as ‘deceased estates’.

When lawyers refer to ‘deceased estates’ this term covers everything that needs to be done to lay the person to rest, wind up their affairs and distribute their assets.

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Hartwell Legal takes a comprehensive and holistic approach when creating a Will. Katerina looks at all of the assets owned or controlled by the family, as well as the situations of the people involved. She then advises about the best way to structure the Will to suit your family’s unique needs.

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Powers of Attorney

Powers of attorney are documents you can sign now to appoint the person of your choice to make decisions for you if you lose capacity as a result of an illness, injury or accident. Powers of attorney operate for the period of incapacity.

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning is the process of planning for incapacity and death across all aspects of family life and assets.

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Trust Succession & Business Succession

Trusts and most businesses are stand-alone entities that have their own legal personalities. Trusts and businesses continue to exist even after the incapacity or death of the key people.

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