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Estate Planning is the process of planning for incapacity and death across all aspects of family life and assets.

Generally, it involves the preparation of:

  • powers of attorney
  • a Will
  • a letter of wishes (setting out how the overall estate plan is intended to operate)
  • superannuation nominations
  • trust succession documentation
  • business succession documentation
  • any other paperwork such as loan agreements, shareholders agreements, inter-family agreements and management agreements.

It also often involves advice about foreign assets or foreign Wills.

Estate planning is very personal and specific to the client’s unique circumstances.

Estimate of Fixed Fees:


Standard – $1,100 – $1,650 (incl GST)
Complex – $1,850 – $2,500 (incl GST)


Standard – $1,980 – $2,900 (incl GST)
Complex – $3,300 – $4,400 (incl GST)