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Trusts and most businesses are stand-alone entities that have their own legal personalities.

Trusts and businesses continue to exist even after the incapacity or death of the key people.

Trust succession is achieved by passing control of a trust, rather than passing assets of the trust.

Business succession is achieved by nominating who will take on the role of key decision maker within the business. It also deals with who will share the profits of the business.

Katerina advises and prepares the paperwork needed for these entities to continue past the incapacity or death of the key person, so that there is no deadlock or stalemate and value is preserved and maximised.

These documents are drafted to comply with and complement existing documentation, such as the trust deed or the shareholders agreement.

Estimate of Fees

Trust Succession – $550 – $880 (incl GST)
Business Succession – $3,300 – $5,500 (incl. GST)

Properly drafted and well-considered documentation reduces the risk of disputes in the future.

Disputes - In the absence of such paperwork, when a dispute does arise, Katerina can advise to resolve it. Katerina aims to fix the situation as quickly as possible, for a low cost and with minimum stress.

Hartwell Legal Service – Trust Succession & Business Succession