Hartwell Legal

Hartwell Legal delivers five star service:

  1. Great customer service - you can ring Katerina directly any time, you always deal with the same person who recalls every minute detail of your file and responds to your queries within 24 hours. You will be treated as though you are the only client of the firm!
  2. No legalese – all communication is in plain and concise English! You will never receive pages and pages of complex correspondence.
  3. Expertise - Katerina is an expert in Incapacity, Wills & Estates, practising exclusively in this area. She is up to date with all of the latest case law, legislation and best practice.
  4. Great bedside manner - giving you advice and an approach driven by empathy, common sense and family reality.
  5. Reasonable fees - reasonable fixed fees are charged wherever possible (sensible hourly rates only apply for litigation, dispute matters and some deceased estate work). Fees are agreed upfront, so you won’t engage services unless you are satisfied with the proposed charges.